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Earn your Next Door Digital Academy certificate in an advanced web design specialization in just 6 nights

Next Door Digital its a small, state-of-the-art web development company in Pune. Are you a fresher in IT, arts or maths and do you want to learn some serious skills? Then we like to meet you! Sign up for one of our specialized courses it's free! and if you get selected after a course and examination, we will hire you!


  • Hot new topics in web development, not found in other local courses
  • Small groups, with smart guys and girls
  • 100% free for selected freshers
  • Earn your Ozran Academy Certificate
  • Paid traineeships offered to fastest-learning participants
  • Why are you still up here? Sign up below!
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Web Page Coding


You know HTML and CSS? Yeah, right! Coding the right way requires some serious skills! Includes HTML5 primer.

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Web Programming

Adobe ColdFusion 9

Adobe ColdFusion is the fastest way to build cool dynamic websites. (Java) programmers apply!

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Web Marketing
and Analytics

Number crunchers galore! The smart kids follow the money and learn Web Analytics and AdWords Marketing.

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Graphic design
for all screen sizes

You like to create graphics for web sites that have maximal impact on computers as well as on tablets and phones

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Academy Feb 2012 - Marketing & Analytics Exam
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Academy Jun 2012 - Cold Fusion Certification
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Academy Feb 2011 - HTML Coding
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Next Door Digital - we enjoy
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Next Door Digital - Where we work!
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Next Door Digital - Where we collaborate
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Next Door Digital - where we keep our fancy birthday tradition

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